Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The internet is to me is a wonderful resource where one can quickly find information. (I do thankfully have a fast broadband connection - many years ago a client living in New York and
working for a major news corporation sent me a picture of a pets ailment which took me three full days to download, but was in the end a wonderful help in treating the patient, as I lived a continent away)
I often use this wonderful resource to look up a word or phrase within a book I have sitting in my own shelf knowing that I have seen what I am looking for within a book, but unsure where especially when it is something which isn't indexed.

An example of a recent search related to the use of a homeopathic mother tincture. I regularly use search sites such as Google Books http://books.google.com/books ; The Guttenberg Project http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page or The Internet Archive http://www.archive.org/index.php and then when I have the exact page for something which isn't in the index take out my own book, go to the exact page and sit back and read it.

There are so many wonderful resources like this and gradually I am adding some of them to my website http://farrington.vet.googlepages.com/homeopathyresources%26links. The internet also gives one the chance to put out there some of the knowledge that one gains through ones own work and perspective on a subject or work built on the knowledge others have freely and generously shared their knowledge with you and to this end Pets & People Homeopathy have added a new button to its main page http://farrington.vet.googlepages.com/home called FIRST AID REMEDY SERIES. Clicking on this button
will take people to a master page with buttons, such as the one heading this blog, for various remedies initially starting with those with a first aid theme. Each of these remedies will have information which will be updated over time and will link out to other resources in relation to that remedy. Much of the information will come from cases where there has been a successful outcome to the use of the homoeopathic remedy or typify that remedy either as a description or via a picture of a patient. The first in this series is Arnica Montana probably the most famous of homeopathic remedies in general use for all sorts of first aid situations for more click http://farrington.vet.googlepages.com/arnicamontana.


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cathy said...

i am delighted to have found your website. i have 2 cats and a dog and recently read about better diets on mercola pets. i will adapt to a raw food diet with goosto.i have just quaified as a kiniesilogist and i have used homeopathy and other remedies on my pets with great effect. thanks for the extra info for the animals. yours gratefully cathy in kildare