Friday, September 18, 2009


Welcome to my new blog Pets & People Homeopathy. The doors have finally opened in all senses of the word. The premises has been completely revamped with all the clutter removed and a nice calm clean healing space has been provided for both humans and animals.

The doors have also opened via the internet and phone with cases being handled via e-mail and also via Skype Tom Farrington Ireland, by landline 023 8848811(locally) ++353 23 8848811 (Internationally) by text and mobile on ++ 353 87 2494059.
We hope have regular updates via this blog about all items touching on Pets & People Homeopathy from tips to links such as the interview I have done for Darlings Real Dog Food Company now on You Tube - Natural Nutrition being a subject very dear to my heart and at the core of the practice and homeopathic philosphy of first removing all obstructions to cure they also have a lovely tip on liver treats . You can click the back key on your browser from any of the links above to continue to explore this blog. You can also visit the Pets & People Homeopathy Website by clicking on the logo on the page at anytime. The website is constantly being updated so it is worth returning regularly to it. For homeopathic vets other than myself you can visit the Irish Society of Veterianry Homeopaths and see up coming events this can also be accessed via the Pets & People Homeopathy Website.



Ann Donnelly said...

Hi Tom, we had heard that you moved away and that you may have come back. Good to see you here, whatever the case!

Nezzbukka Ashkoin said...

Hi Tom, Noel Murphy here in Galway.
In Dublin you treated my dog Jake (remember he was poisoned?) and he only died nearly 6 weeks ago age 15 & a half.Of course Clare & Fidelma looked after him too.
I am hoping to get two dogs and get homeopathic vaccines from you as I am concerned by both dog & human vaccines.I know Lesley is working for you so I will give her a ring.
Good luck!