Friday, June 4, 2010


Sometimes one gets very busy with life and all the things that it entails and updating ones blog and website go by the board. This is not always bad as it means one is still based very much in the real world. During my absence off my blog lots has happened much more than I can cover in this brief return to the web. I will tell you all about my wonderful experience with Animal Communication when I attended Pea Horsleys Animal Communication Course here in West Cork Ireland in my next blog, but you can learn much more about Pea on ( Logo above)

Next to Darlings Real Dog Food something dear to my heart, which is going strength to strength providing both Dogs and Cats with Real Fresh Meat and Veg that you freeze at home and could eat yourself. A chunk of my time goes to answering the mind expanding questions that get forwarded to me from the team there in their efforts to help owners do the best for their pets. This project the brain child of Jonathan Self and is for me what feeding pets is really about. In my practice I see so much illness purely related to diet it is amazing. The result has been that for quite a few years now I start treatment by putting dogs and cats and other species on a diet appropriate to their needs. I at times have to applaud my clients for their amazing faith in making these changes for their pets and many have improved greatly with just the dietary change before they come see me. Many refer to these diets as Holistic, but I prefer to think of them as patient specific biologically appropriate diets.

In this respect I often come across holistic foods that are far from holistic in carnivore terms such as a dried food, unless it is piece of air dried meat, it is not in their terms any way holistic. I especially admire two clients, who came to me as very healthy vegetarians, where they had for the best of ethical reasons restricted their pets to a similar diet. I had to convince
them that, maybe they were, in their pets cases being unfair to their pets needs by
expecting an obligate carnivore in the case of the cat with its itchy skin and recurrent and often sterile cystitis (picture left) and in the other case a Labrador with recurrent skin problems to eat a vegetarian diet. Even a first step to commercial dried food which was as far as one was initially willing to go, did not surprisingly fail to produce change, but it did convince the owner that they would have to go the full hog in terms of dietary change and go as initially advised to a fresh raw food diet. Despite all their reservations they took my advice and both patients have done very well on their fresh meat and veg diet with their poor owners wearing gloves and using plenty of plastic bags to handle the offending food.

I can only say from countless experiences that the animals we act as guardians for be they birds, rabbits, dogs, cats, horses, cattle among others need and do ask for through a myriad of symptoms a real natural diet one that is suited to their real needs, not just the needs of production and the cheapest or most available food ingredients. It is equally apparent in the case of farm animals, where diet is honed for weight gain and milk production without any real thought as to why such an efficient diet contributes to poor feet among other health problem. I have seen this repeatedly where farms turn organic farmers and the hoof and other problems disappear. The famous BSE (Bovine Spongiform Enchephalitis outbreak was a classic example of what happens when we do not respect the needs of the animals we care for. I see rabbits with awful teeth that when put on hay and real grass with a mixture of so called weeds such as dandelion suddenly thrive and their teeth improve.

The bottom line is to feed your animal friends a diet as appropriate to their real needs as the one you would wish to eat yourself, if you really were being healthy and that certainly isn't a boring dried kibble day in day out.


Friday, January 22, 2010

What to do pet or I have....

I have added a new section to my website, which while still under construction has useful information. It will be gradually integrated into my developing Homoeopathic First Aid Remedy section. The section is titled What to do if..... my pet has..... It is accessed by pressing on the active button shown below

which has been added to the home page of my website through which the information can be accessed. The information is about how to deal with minor health problems or emergencies, while awaiting medical attention. It is the practical actions one needs to take alongside the use of first aid remedies. The pages contain much of the information I routinely give my clients by phone to do between the time of first contact and actually being seen. I have started work on the next remedy to appear on the First Aid Section - Aconite - I will update its publication via this blog when complete. The information in this section is equally applicable to all species including humans.

Meanwhile keep Happy and Healthy.