Friday, January 22, 2010

What to do pet or I have....

I have added a new section to my website, which while still under construction has useful information. It will be gradually integrated into my developing Homoeopathic First Aid Remedy section. The section is titled What to do if..... my pet has..... It is accessed by pressing on the active button shown below

which has been added to the home page of my website through which the information can be accessed. The information is about how to deal with minor health problems or emergencies, while awaiting medical attention. It is the practical actions one needs to take alongside the use of first aid remedies. The pages contain much of the information I routinely give my clients by phone to do between the time of first contact and actually being seen. I have started work on the next remedy to appear on the First Aid Section - Aconite - I will update its publication via this blog when complete. The information in this section is equally applicable to all species including humans.

Meanwhile keep Happy and Healthy.


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